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Is Soy a good protein source?
Is Soy a good protein source?   There are still many ongoing controversial debates about consuming soy protein. It has been seen to be both beneficial and harmful at the same time. So how do we know whether soy is a good protein source?     Soybeans can be eaten whole o..
Cheese and Your Health - Boon or Bane?
Cheese and Your Health – Boon or Bane? Did you know there are over 1800 different types of cheese in this world? Cheese is produced by adding acid or bacteria to milk and then ageing and processing the solid parts of the milk. Hence, the nutrition content and taste of the cheese depend..
How to ensure a stronger immune system for your kid?
Does your kid catch a cold easily?   Kids are commonly known to have a much weaker immune system than adults. But what are some of the healthy habits that we should instil in kids so we can boost their immune system?  Although we cannot control every cold that comes along,..
World Salt Awareness Week
WORLD SALT AWARENESS WEEK   Did you know that the average daily salt intake of Singaporeans is 9g? This is almost 2 times more than the maximum allowance of 5g a day!   Salt Awareness Week aims to encourage people to reduce salt consumption and protect their cardiovascular health. ..
The Women's Optimum Diet Checklist
Why are these nutrients so important, especially for a woman? Firstly, It is very important for women to have adequate iron as it is an essential mineral and sometimes, due to menstruation, we might be at risk of iron deficiency. When you do not eat enough iron, your body will show symptoms ..