4 Reasons to Stick with AMGD



Think ordering healthy meals is a waste of time? Think again! Ordering healthy meals with AMGD can save you time and money, be better for your health AND SO MUCH MORE! Here are four (4) benefits why you should stick with AMGD as your go-to option for healthy meal delivery service in Singapore!


  1. A variety of meals to choose from and an ever-expanding menu! 

With their ever-expanding menu, AMGD can cater to anyone. From those wanting to improve athletic performance to simply managing weight, AMGD provides you endless meal options - made only with FRESH ingredients – making it easy for one to experience guilt-free eating which ultimately makes you feel good after food! 

  1. Ordering AMGD SAVES YOU TIME!

Creating a balanced and nutritious meal plan requires time and effort. When you order a meal plan with AMGD, we already do the meal prepping for you. All you need is to decide what meal fits your lifestyle best! All AMGD meals are carefully designed and curated by our nutritionist, catering to different needs such as weight management, diabetic patients, athletic performance, and students.


Ordering online with AMGD is simple and hassle-free. All you need is to download the app, select the menu, choose your meals and your order will be prepared and delivered straight to you! 


AMGD can deliver your healthy meals wherever you are, so long as you are in Singapore! By the way, you can also share your AMGD credits with your friends - living healthy together has never been easier with AMGD.


To view AMGD meal offerings, check out:

  1. AMGD is for EVERYONE!

Anyone can order from AMGD so long as the customer registers on the website. AMGD offers its customers four plans to choose from - AMGDLite, AMGDPass, AMGDMealPlan, and AMGDSubscription. To determine which plan fits you best:


  • AMGDLite - for Non-Passholders. Customers can choose from a wide variety of poke bowls made fresh daily before delivery. You can check out AMGDlite here:
  • AMGDPasses - AMGD provides its customers with meal credits that allow them to order from AMGD’s ever-expanding menu and determine the date of delivery. You can check out AMGDPasses here:
  • AMGD Meal Plan - AMGD provides its customers with weekly meals that are fit for their set lifestyle. You can check out AMGD Meal Plans here:
  • AMGD Subscription - Customers have the flexibility to choose the exact number of meal credits and duration of subscription. To be an AMGD Subscriber, check out:!

If you are looking for corporate meals, AMGD also offers a personalised catering service. To find out more, check out:!


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