Say HO!

Say HO!

Say what? Say Ho! It doesn't get better than this! You've got nothing to lose. Sink your teeth into a first in AMGD’s creations - sautéed, not fried red rice with fabulous charred grilled prawns. Say Ho Ho Ho!


  • Sautéed red rice with eggs 
  • Char-grilled prawn with garlic topped with paprika
  • Mixed sautéed vegetables
  • Blanched cauliflower/zucchini
  • Blanched carrots
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Dragonfruit
  • Diced apples


“From 1st Nov 2019, NO CUTLERIES WILL BE PROVIDED. We’re introducing an OPT-IN CUTLERY policy, a step forward to help reduce plastic waste, to do better for our planet ." - AMGD

Note: Broccolli will be replaced with cucumbers until they are made available again.

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