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Women Of The Match

Have you been to Ramadan bazaars and noticed nicely grilled ayam penyet? Women of the match?! Is ..

Women Of The Match + C Carbs

Ayam Penyet on some form of carbs? We give you quinoa. So healthy you won’t feel guilty after ..


Our very own Nasi Lemak! Once you taste this authentic sambal tumis ikan bilis, nothing else compare..


Grilled eggplant served with percik sambal, corn cob and mixed greens with spicy plum dressing. &..

Always Lucky

Chicken yakitori skewered with leeks served on a bed of quinoa and teriyaki sauce. CNY Speci..


Lightly grilled chili prawns and squids and yellow basmati rice, served with a refreshing mixed frui..

30 Volumes

Oven baked half spring chicken and special rendang sauce served with brown rice. You’ll wan..


Salmon is always popular during Chinese New Year. This is light yet filling for the belly. Ingred..