It's Japan!

It's Japan!

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Celebrate 2.0

Ingredients: Salmon inari with tobikko egg Mesclun Dragonfruits Grapefruit Cashews ..

Kor Kor 2.0

Ingredients: Chicken Maki with spring onion, cucumber, avocado Mesclun Red radish Cashew..

Braveheart 2.0

Ingredients: Omelete roll with chicken, cucumber, carrot, sesame seed Red rice Tricolor ca..


Ingredients: Sambal Ikan prawn maki Mesclun Kiwi Longans Pistachios Dressing: Yas..


Ingredients: Chicken inari with sesame seeds Mesclun Green apples Strawberries Walnuts..

One Story 2.0

Ingredients: Vegetarian Maki with avocado, cucumber, mango, tobiko egg Mesclun Red ra..


Ingredients: Rendang Chicken maki Mesclun Grapefruit Grapes Almond flakes Dressin..

Grit 2.0

Ingredients: Tamago Sushi with diced capsicum Red radish Mesclun Cashews Cherry tomato..


Ingredients: Vegetarian Inari Mesclun Shimeji Cherry Tomatoes Pecan Dressing: Yas..