It's Special Diet!


  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy


Ingredients: Pan-grilled roast beef Quinoa with diced carrots, cucumbers, corn kernels Whe..

Dearest Canary

[Teacher’s Day Special] On this special day, we thank all mentors and teachers who have m..

Dragon Jade

In celebration of Singapore’s 53rd birthday, we have created a limited-edition Dragon mak..


[$5 top-up required] Yeah, under the sea~! Ingredients: Char-grilled Barramundi fillet Ro..

Sunny Island

[$5 top-up required] See sea with me? Ingredients: Steamed baked barramundi fillet, drizzle..

It's not Nemo

[$5 top-up required] Look’s Barramundi! Ingredients: Steamed baked barramu..

Keto No.5

[$5 top-up required] For the sophisticated, classy keto people! Ingredients: Enoki mushroom..