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**Due to high demand and customer request, we are happy to launch a concierge service for customers to request for a more specific delivery timing. You may now opt for delivery within 1 hour intervals at $4 per location or email us for a MVP bundle for the entire duration of your pass. 


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Your friends will be green with envy when they see JADE on your table! This Jade will just rock your..

Joker! HK

Joker! HK (purely created by our Hong Kong chef) This vegetarian meal is soo good. It is no Joke!..

Always Lucky

Ingredients: Chicken Yakitori Leeks/ Scallions (subject to availability) Bed of Quinoa ..


Ingredients: Diced Beef Steak Broccoli Cauliflower Baby Corn / Corn Cob (Subject to avai..

Golden Pillow

Ingredients: Duck (Breast Meat) Purple Rice Cauliflower Baby Corn / Corn Cob (Subject to..

Hello Spring!

Ingredients: Otah Prawn Bed of Brown Rice Chinese Cabbage Carrot Cherry Tomatoes M..


Ingredients: Dutch Eggplant Minced Chicken (Topping) Tobikko Egg & Chopped Leek (Toppi..

True Love

True love at first bite! Ingredients: Kueh Pie Tee with diced mango & carrot Prawn wi..

Heart & Soul

We love you with all our heart & you? Ingredients: Eggplant with sambal perci..

Be Mine!

For Vegetarian Lovers~ Ingredients: Cauliflower Asparagus Sweet corn Zucchini Romai..