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700 - 799 kcal

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Marry 2.0

Earthy shimeji mushrooms, creamy pumpkin, and the nutty aroma of sesame seeds, all served on penne, ..


Be fly this National Day!  Ingredients: Roasted Paprika half spring chicken  Wh..

So Much Muscle!

Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use. – Ruth Gordon Ingredients: Roast..

Little Miss Sunshine

Ingredients: Chilli Aglio Olio Fusilli Lightly Pan Seared Salmon Zucchini Side Mesclun ..

Golden Pillow

Ingredients: Duck (Breast Meat) Purple Rice Cauliflower Baby Corn / Corn Cob (Subject to..


Ingredients: Dutch Eggplant Minced Chicken (Topping) Tobikko Egg & Chopped Leek (Toppi..

Good Night!

Ingredients: Fusilli pasta Baked portobello with parmesan cheese Cauliflower Broccoli ..