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500 - 599 kcal

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Te Amo! HK

Named by our HK chef, Te Amo is made with so much love! Ingredients: Chicken roll wrap with..

Memory + C Carbs

Ingredients: Teriyaki Grilled Salmon  Brown rice Minimal mixed greens Rockmelons (t..


Ingredients: Special Marinated Prawns Mixed greens Carrots Fre..

Joker! HK

Joker! HK (purely created by our Hong Kong chef) This vegetarian meal is soo good. It is no Joke!..


Naddy oh Naddy... named after a spunky girl that's growing up fast in the AMGD family. All ..

Add Venture

Ingredients: Eggplant with Lamb Mince    Mixed Greens    Yellow B..

Drop in the Ocean

Revolution. Evolution. Drop in the Ocean.  Ingredients: Grilled Boneless Seabass Fille..

Miss Personality

Be the type of person you’ll want to meet ;) Ingredients: Baked Breaded Chicken Bed..


Ingredients: Pan-grilled roast beef Quinoa with diced carrots, cucumbers, corn kernels Whe..

The Great Salmon

Ingredients: Steamed salmon Mildly spicy aglio olio fusilli Chinese cabbage Romaine lett..