What SHE Likes!

Do you have a GOAL?

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Find our your daily macronutrient. And our kcal serve as a guide as to how much kcal you should take a meal to achieve your goals.


What SHE Likes!

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Ahva Grande

Delicious and healthy all wrapped up into one! Ingredients: Marinated Chicken in Tortilla W..


The flavours of Asia wrapped in this bundle of joy! Enjoy Chicken in a wrap! Ingredients: C..


Roasted beef with special marination in a wrap! This will make you go Ahhh…. want more! In..


Salmon with honey dressing makes you fall in love with salmon all over again. Ingredients: ..


Beef bacon and mushroom? This is a grand slam!  Ingredients: Beef bacon Marinat..


This is what you get when Chicken Chill in spice! Ingredients: Lemon Chilli Chicken  ..


When eggs tan in the sun!  Ingredients: Egg Omelette  Mixed veges Red capsicu..