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  • Spicy

Marry 2.0

Earthy shimeji mushrooms, creamy pumpkin, and the nutty aroma of sesame seeds, all served on penne, ..

At Peace! HK 2.0

Roasted Beef topped with fried shallots, and mixed greens dressed in honey almond dressing.  ..

So Much Muscle!

Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use. – Ruth Gordon Ingredients: Roast..


Ingredients: Pan-grilled roast beef Quinoa with diced carrots, cucumbers, corn kernels Whe..

Fresh Balsam

Ingredients: Grilled beef Mixed greens Canned pineapples Corn kernels Walnuts Dre..

Korean Knight

Ingredients: Beef kebab Wholewheat tortilla wrap Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Green b..

Nadya Naori

Nadya Naori… is an AMGD baby true and true. She doesn’t eat fast food, she’s inde..

Dearest Canary

On this special day, we thank all mentors and teachers who have molded us into shining diamonds in o..

Sofya Sayuri

Sofya Sayuri. Named after one of our cutest and youngest AMGDian. She is half Japanese and half Mala..


Meat lovers unite! Our Bon-Bon patties will steal your hearts away! Ingredients: Healt..