AMGD Universe

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  • Spicy


Skewered capsicums with a side of power veggies, brown rice , and diced mangoes. Serv..

Love n Fresh Air

Ingredients: Boneless chicken thigh (without skin) Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Green b..


Baked skinless chicken breast, purple Spanish onion and avocado wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Mu..

Bangkok Jam 2.0

Minced beef, cheese and mixed mesclun wrapped in a wholewheat tortilla wrap.   Ingre..

Queen Bee

Ingredients: Stuffed eggplant with quinoa, diced carrots, cucumbers, corn kernel Romain..


Beef rendang topped with almond flakes, served with red rice and stuffed tau kwa. The heart ..

Pink Cashmere

Ingredients: Sweet potato balls Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Corn kernels Strawberry ..

Diamond Mist

Ingredients: Chicken Thigh Mixed Greens Blueberries Cashew Nuts Dressing: Citrus Vi..


Curry chicken served with basmati rice and a refreshing side of sweet & sour cucumber salad. ..

Celebrate 2.0

Ingredients: Salmon inari with tobikko egg Mesclun Dragonfruits Grapefruit Cashews ..