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Orange Blossom

Ingredients: Grilled salmon Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Apricots Mashed corn (You ma..

French Kiss

Ingredients: Grilled salmon Mixed mesclun Romaine lettuce Purple cabbage Lemon slice‚Äč ..

Triple M

Ingredients: Cajun chicken (Boneless chicken thigh without skin) Quinoa Romaine lettuce ..

Hello May

Skewered chicken thigh with capsicums, basmati rice, asparagus, diced mangoes and a side of power ve..

Cherry Blossom

Ingredients: Skinless grilled honey chicken Mixed greens Strawberries Dried fig Cashew..

River of Love

Salmon wrapped in a wholewheat tortilla wap with cheese slice, romaine lettuce and purple cabbage. ..

Korean Knight

Ingredients: Beef kebab Wholewheat tortilla wrap Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Green b..

Mommy Dearest

Boneless chicken thigh with romaine lettuce, pumpkin, diced mangoes, capsicums, and corn. Served wit..


Ingredients: Teriyaki grilled salmon Mixed mesclun Rockmelons (temporarily out of stock, r..


Briyani prawn served with yellow basmati rice, and a refreshing side of sweet & sour cucumber sa..