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Sliced eggplant with lamb mince, topped with spring onions, with mixed greens dressed in fresh mint...

Little Miss Sunshine

Ingredients: Chilli Aglio Olio Fusilli Lightly Pan Seared Salmon Zucchini Side Mesclun ..

Always Lucky

Chicken yakitori skewered with leeks served on a bed of quinoa and teriyaki sauce. CNY Speci..

Miss Personality

Be the type of person you’ll want to meet ;) Ingredients: Baked Breaded Chicken Bed..


Lightly grilled chili prawns and squids and yellow basmati rice, served with a refreshing mixed frui..

Midnight Blue

Ingredients: Grilled chicken thigh Fusilli pasta Mushrooms Blueberries Mixed greens ..

Like A Kween

Oven baked boneless chicken thigh with sambal percik served with yellow basmati rice. Feel like a..

Golden Pillow

CNY Special Back by Popular Demand! Ingredients: Duck (Breast Meat) Purple Rice Caulifl..

I am Ed!

Ingredients: Pan-seared roast beef with spring onion Aglio Olio farfelle Romaine lettuce ..

Happily Ever After

Ingredients: Boneless chicken thigh with rosemary Romaine lettuce Mixed mesclun Blanched..