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10M HK

Golden mushroom wrapped with beef bacon, served skewered with bell peppers and mixed greens. ..

AMGD + C Carbs

Grilled black pepper chicken, roasted pumpkins, mixed greens and citrus vinaigrette dressing. ..


Grilled eggplant served with percik sambal, corn cob and mixed greens with spicy plum dressing. &..


Our stuffed tofu drizzled with soya sauce and our poached egg will fulfill your protein needs for th..

Moo 2.0

Roasted beef with special marination in a wrap! This will make you go Ahhh…. want more! In..


Spread the love with Charity! Ingredients: Fusilli Pasta Purple Onions Dried Roselle ..


Salmon with honey dressing makes you fall in love with salmon all over again. Ingredients: ..

Joker! HK

Joker! HK (purely created by our Hong Kong chef) This vegetarian meal is soo good. It is no Joke!..

I Miss You + C Carbs

[VEGETARIAN] I miss you? No, we miss you! That’s why we created 2 versions of this delici..

So Much Muscle!

Courage is like a muscle, we strengthen it with use. – Ruth Gordon Ingredients: Roast..